Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Ab Rocket Twister Reviews?

Apparently the Ab Rocket Twister is one of the hot new fitness products on the market. We've already gotten a dozen requests for reviews of this new "infomercial" abdominal exercise machine. After spending about an hour searching for real customer reviews online it's easy to see why: there appears to be very little authentic user feedback regarding the Ab Rocket Twister! So let's see if we can change that situation...

Here's one message that we received last week:
"Hi. I'm thinking about buying the new Ab Rocket Twister and would like to know if you think it really works? Is it really as effective as they claim on the commercial? Have you used it yet? I'm kind of desperate to burn off the roll of belly fat I've added this winter, especially since I'm going on vacation (Miami Beach) in May! I had six pack abs just a couple of years ago and I really want them back. Please help me decide whether or not I should purchase the Ab Rocket with a review or suggestion. If you think it's a rip-off please let me know so I don't waste my money. Thank you so much for your help!"

- Monica R.
Well, first things first: no ab exercise machine is going to burn off all your stomach fat and/or give you six pack abs by itself. All infomercial fitness and weight loss products claim to provide "easy" weight loss results but we have yet to find one that actually does so. Remember that weight loss, and especially fast weight loss, is about 75% diet. If you're not eating a proper, clean diet you're not gonna lose fat and shed pounds... no matter how many "Ab Rocket Twists" you do. Even the commercial states that you must use the included diet plan in order to lose the pounds and inches promised in the marketing hype!

That being said, a machine or device that helps you do more effective exercises, abdominal or other, can certainly be useful. I used the original Ab Rocket on several occasions and was actually very surprised that I liked it. Let's face it: sit-ups, crunches, and just about all other unassisted ab exercises are difficult, especially if you're very out-of-shape, overweight, or have any back problems. The original Ab Rocket provides a type of assistance that reduces much of the discomfort associated with typical abdominal/core exercise movements. It appears the new Ab Rocket Twister works on the same principle but adds a twisting motion capability to work the oblique muscles.

In the end I never did buy my own Ab Rocket because I tend to avoid things that make exercise easier. I know from many years of experience that harder, more difficult exercises provide much better overall fat burning, muscle building results.

The spring assistance provided by the Ab Rocket and new Ab Rocket Twister reduces the effectiveness of each individual repetition because it basically lowers resistance levels. Of course, it will probably allow you to do more crunches and sit-ups than you would normally do. That's a good thing in most cases and for some people, especially those who are currently very out-of-shape, the Ab Rocket Twister may be a decent investment. More "comfortable" home exercise options can make it more likely that you'll workout more frequently and get into shape faster.

The problem with many infomercial products is that they simply aren't made very well. Any comfort advantage they provide is overshadowed by the discomfort that comes from using a cheaply-made machine for long periods of time. The original Ab Circle Pro is a good example of that.

Personally I would hold off on buying the Ab Rocket Twister until more information is available online. Please leave your own reviews, testimonials, questions, and comments regarding this soon-to-be-very-popular new exercise machine below... thanks!

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